Here's How To Spend An Amazing Weekend In Tyre

Tyre is one of the most beautiful cities in Lebanon; from the old architecture and the quaint port filled with small fishing boats, to the vibrant souk and breathtaking coast

- it’s picturesque to say the least. Tyre has always been a great destination for those who want a weekend getaway, or even just a single day!

Where to stay:

There are many options for small bed and breakfasts and boutique hotels, here are some:

Al-Yasmine Guesthouse, Dar Alma Hotel, The Orange House, Tyre Rest House, Al-Fanar

Where to eat:

Al Fanar Restaurant: This restaurant is located by the sea with an outdoor area that will make you feel as though you’re floating on the water. Serving Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine as well as seafood, you can have lunch and enjoy a good cold beer by the sea. Don’t forget to take your swimming suits and take a dip afterwards!

Location: Salha House, Rachid Nakhle Street, Sur, Lebanon

Other options: Chez Tony, Le Phenicien, Diver’s Inn, Tanit Restaurant, Tyros Restaurant.

What to do:

1. Walk in the Old Souk.

Chock-full of little shops, you will find anything you fancy in this old souk. But moreover, you will feel the essence of Tyre and its friendly people. The locals are warm and welcoming. Oh, and don’t forget to try the legendary meat sandwich at Mahfouz!

Location: one minute away from the old port.

2. Hit up Tyre beach.

One of the cleanest beach destinations in Lebanon, the Tyre coast is spacious, beautiful, and full of life. The coast is free for all, with small shacks and cafes along the strip. Go exploring and you can find hidden caves, sea turtles, and good food!

3. Take a walk along the port.

There is something magical about old ports, tiny boats, and fisher men. When you head to Tyre, enjoy a nice walk by the port, converse with the fishermen, and take a boat trip.

What to see:

1. The Roman Hippodrome:

Part of UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites, this is a must visit for any history buff. The Great Hippodrome was a site for chariot racing, and is a remarkable stone structure. This spot is filled with Roman/Byzantine ruins engraved with old writing.

Location: Next to al-Bass area, along the main entrance of Tyre.

2. Al-Mina archaeological site:

A gorgeous street paved with geometrical Roman and Byzantine mosaics, and a large public bathhouse dating back to the 2nd century. Get ready to see hundreds of old graves and coffins!

Location: Al-Mina (close to the old city).

Tyre Beach Nature Reserve, Archaeological Sites, Mosaic Street, Historic Aqueducts, Crusader Cathedral